3D rendering prices: How much to charge for rendering?

Have you ever wondered what elements influence the price of 3D rendering? And how do you determine whether the cost is justified? What’s more, how can you pick a 3D visualization firm that fits your budget? This article will provide you with all of the answers.


Average 3d rendering prices for all types of rendering.

Depending on the nature of your project, you can pick from a variety of rendering options. The pricing listed below is only a guideline and a range of fees that you may incur. The pricing will vary depending on a variety of parameters, including the size of the projects, render quality, and so on. However, it is also a recommendation that you plan your budget.

Interior rendering- 1st part in 3d rendering prices

The price of interior rendering- a type of best architectural marketing, which is a form of top 3d architecture rendering service, is determined by the view or area: square meter. There are benefits and drawbacks to every calculation. It’s acceptable and advantageous for clients who only want to imagine a few primary rooms with a few renderings in this perspective. It is advantageous and suited for individuals who need to observe a large number of corners of flats or houses,…

Interior rendering-

The table below shows the rates for interior rendering. K-render created this one based on a price list from reputed visualization firms.


Unit Types of projects Complexity  Quantity  Unit Price
View Houses, apartments, offices with small spaces Medium 1 $159-$600/view
Houses, apartments, offices with usual spaces 1 $299-$699/view
Houses, apartments, offices with small spaces High 1 $499-$999/ view
Houses, apartments, offices with usual spaces 1 $749-$1200/ view
Area: square meter: m2  Houses, apartments, offices with small spaces Medium  1 $13-$20/m2
Houses, apartments, offices with usual spaces 1 $20-$23/m2
Houses, apartments, offices with small spaces High 1 $15-$20/m2
Houses, apartments, offices with usual spaces 1 $23-$25/ m2


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Exterior rendering- 2nd part in 3d rendering prices

The cost of external rendering- a type of high quality photorealistic rendering is determined by the sale of projects such as tiny spaces or skyscraper projects, commercial centers, and large-scale public works. Aspects such as the model of the surroundings and the environment should also be considered. The more intricate the environment model is, the higher the price will be. The table below shows the costs of external rendering, which is a form of professional 3d rendering service.

Exterior rendering
Types of project  Complexity  Quantity  Unit price 
Civil house, Villa, Public Construction with small space Medium 1 $239-$1000
High  1 $359-$1200
Skyscraper projects, Commercial centers, Large space Public works (Museum, Opera houses, Stadium) Medium  1 $799-$2000
High  1 $1199-$2400

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What impacts 3d rendering prices?

Time, intricacy, revision policies, and the artist’s experience are all elements that influence 3d rendering prices


If you are in a hurry to finish your render, it will cost you money. Staying late to accomplish a project entails paying overtime and coping with the stress of a large assignment due shortly.

The greater the price and the lower the quality of the render, the sooner you need it done. You just cannot reach the same degree of beauty and detail in such a short period of time as you can when you have ample time to complete the project.


The medium complexity renders are significantly less expensive than the high complexity renders. Simply assess whatever level of difficulty is appropriate for you. If you only need the renderings to display the design or what it looks like, medium complexity can be sufficient. If you require those images for marketing purposes, however, you should invest in high-complexity renders. Yes, it will be costly, but it is a worthwhile investment.


You may benefit from it in a variety of ways, including acquiring clients, standing out from your competition, and so on.

Policy regarding revisions

The revision policy is also taken into account when determining the cost of 3d rendering. The pricing is substantially lower if you simply need a few modifications. However, I do not advise you to do so. You have no idea what’s happening on during the project’s duration. Perhaps your customer might prefer to make a tweak to the renderings. You select the studio which cater professional 3d visualization services with the most favorable revision policy.

The Artist’s Perspective

Paying for someone’s work who is on par with yours in terms of skill is meaningless. It’s pointless to spend money on 3D rendering software if you can do something comparable with it through trial and error.

Many people, on the other hand, utilize relatively new renderers to save money, and these renderers may not be capable of providing the level of creativity that you seek. The cost of the experience will be reflected in the pricing.

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