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Here is crucial information about wholesale pepper, from product features to wholesale prices and top suppliers.


Most popular wholesale pepper products

Four varieties of pepper are most popularly traded in the market are: black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, red pepper.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a pure type of pepper, which can be used right after being harvested with the outer shell remaining. It has a light hot taste with a faint aroma, often used to enhance the spicy of the meal.

White Pepper

White pepper is basically black pepper with the outer skin removed. Due to its ivory and delicate color, it is preferred to be used in luxurious dishes without losing the aesthetics of the meal.

Wholesale pepper varieties

Green Pepper

A mild and moderate flavor of green pepper is a typical trait of green pepper. You can chew and eat the whole pepper really easily. This product is often used in stews such as stewed beef dishes or stewed stomachs, etc.

Red pepper

Red pepper is a widely-known medicine to cure flu, cold, cough or bronchitis. It also contains anti-inflammatory substances to treat gynecological diseases.

Prices of wholesale pepper products

The price range of wholesale pepper from 2020 to 2021:

Countries Average price by month in 2020 Average price by month in 2021 (up to October)
Indonesia 2.7653 USD/kg 3.3717 USD/kg
Brazil 2.08225 USD/kg 3.18768 USD/kg
Malaysia 3.43957 USD/kg 3.6384 USD/kg
India 3.8224 USD/kg 3.9054 USD/kg
Vietnam 2.3756 USD/kg 3.6469 USD/kg

Consumer markets for wholesale pepper

The US, China, India and Germany are top 4 biggest consumer markets of wholesale pepper

Countries Import value (M) Market share (%)
US 179 14.1
China 141 11.2
India 120 9.46
Germany 97 7.71

Top suppliers of wholesale pepper products

Suppliers of wholesale pepper often come from Asian countries

Olam Food Ingredients, Singapore

With raw materials and ingredients including cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices, the company is a good choice for those providing wide-range of agricultural products. 

K-Agriculture, Vietnam

Organic black and white pepper in bulk are typical products of the company. Being strongly supported by the VIetnamese Ministry of Trade and Agriculture, customers who come to K-Agriculture do not have to worry about the quality and quantity of wholesale pepper there.


Baria pepper, Vietnam

Baria pepper targets both the product and the local market to reach more customers domestically and internationally. Baria pepper has been exported to America, Europe, the Middle East, and other countries in Asia.


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