How to choose the right product for your curly hair routine

Taking care of curly hair can be dizzying. What should one do in such situations? If you are having trouble styling curly hair, then continue reading this article to find out which curly hair routine that may be helpful for you.


Why is curly hair hard to care for: curly hair routine

The hair is made up of 85% keratin, 10-15% water as well as minerals, pigments and lipids. The sulfur amino acids that bind keratin fibers are incredibly important. Each hair shaft is covered by a shell layer which, for waves, curls and corkscrews, is lifted. In fact, this is the main property of curly hair – high porosity. 

Why is curly hair hard to care for: curly hair routine

Hair with high porosity corresponds to matte and dry hair with a tendency to become frizzy and static. The interesting thing is that there are several types of hair curls. You have wavy, curly hair and hair with corkscrews. Each of these types has different subtypes that are characterized by different texture and amount of curls. Therefore, if you have curly hair, you should definitely have your own curly hair routine. 

Tips for curly hair routine

Here are a few tips for your curly hair routine that we think will help you.

Things you should not do on your curly hair routine

There are some treatments and products that you should not use on your curly hair routine. 

Things you should not do on your curly hair routine
  • Wash it in warm water, for this encourages the cuticle to open even more, and the hair becomes dull
  • Brush out tangles when dry because this easily makes it static and frizzy.
  • Use a fine-toothed comb, as this may cause the hair to break and pull out.
  • Use hair dryers and straighteners that make the hair dehydrated.
  • Exposing your hair to intensive styling procedures.
  • Apply cosmetics that contain alcohol and other detergents that make hair and scalp dehydrated.

Best cosmetic ingredients for curly hair routine

When buying cosmetics for your curly hair routine, you should look for three types of ingredients whose job is to provide moisture and nourishment to the hair. These are:

Best cosmetic ingredients for curly hair routine
  • Moisturizers – moisturizing substances that trap moisture and supply the hair with water. Moisturizers are: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe juice, honey, urea and panthenol.
  • Emollients – create a protective layer that restores the natural lipid barrier and reduces evaporation of water. This group of substances includes: flaxseed oil, argan oil, olive oil, shea butter, jojoba butter, silicone, paraffin.
  • Proteins – regenerates damaged hair. You can find them in: eggs, yogurt and kefir. Hydrolyzed proteins are: silk, keratin, royal jelly, collagen and l-cysteine.

Remember that silicones that belong to the group of emollients are not suitable to add to your curly hair routine at all. They give the hair a nice look and natural shine because they create a non-porous layer on each strand of hair. The advantage of this solution is that urban pollution is not able to penetrate into hair that is shielded by emollients to damage it. On the other hand, silicones prevent the penetration of nutrients. So what should one do? Do not use silicones that are not water soluble and can only be washed off with SLS shampoo.

How to choose the right product for your curly hair routine

Curly hair must be washed gently using a matching shampoo. The important thing in a curly hair routine is to use cold or lukewarm water for the last rinse, to help the cuticle to close. The hair must be dried with a towel with gentle movements. Avoid rubbing hair or scalp hard. Then apply conditioner and brush out tangles using a wide-toothed comb. If you can not let your hair air dry, use a hair dryer with ion technology and turn on a cold air stream.

How to choose the right product for your curly hair routine
  • Shampoo for curly hair routine should cleanse the hair delicately and have a light formula that does not weigh down the hair. Such products prevent hair from becoming frizzy and static. In addition, it controls the curls and restores the natural elasticity of the waves and corkscrews. This type of product should include: bamboo extract, proteins and vegetable oils.
  • Conditioners for curly hair routine should contain emollients that strengthen the lipid barrier and have smoothing properties. In addition, such a product prevents dehydration, weakening and excessive hair loss. In addition, conditioner for curly hair makes the hair shiny, in better condition, and helps the hair to better resist external factors. Similar properties are obtained from natural oils. A popular and effective hair care treatment that requires the use of vegetable oils is hair oil treatment. If you want to pamper curly hair with oils, you should choose: sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil.


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