Queen Hair is the most reliable hair factory in Vietnam

Queen Hair's mission

If you are struggling to find a hair factory, you should consider Queen Hair as your supplier. Queen Hair has been in the business for 20 years and has many experience in the industry.


Queen Hair establishment story

Queen Hair has so far been involved in the hair industry for twenty years and has become the most prestigious factory in Vietnam. 

Queen Hair establishment story
  • Ms. Jessica – CEO of Queen Hair was previously born in a farming family, Ms. Jessica always tries to study and is determined to improve the family’s economy. After graduating from one of the top universities, she began the process of finding a new career. Then, on a field trip, she discovered a valuable resource in the mountains and forests of Northwest Vietnam: human hair.
  • After that, Ms. Jessica spent a long time researching and learning in depth about hair types, the most modern technological equipment to apply to the hair production process. Then eventually Ms. Jessica made a contract with the women in the mountains that she would collect hair from single donors every month and that the donors must be healthy, have a balanced diet and wash their hair regularly with herbs. Then in 2000, Ms. Jessica opened Queen Hair and started the hair production process.
Queen Hair story
  • Queen Hair has been in the hairdressing industry for 20 years so the company has a lot of experience in hair production. Queen Hair hires a team of hair experts as well as hairstylists to be able to ensure the hair products always have the highest quality output. Queen Hair has 6 departments, in which all departments have their own roles to ensure the best product quality and customer service. Queen Hair has its own customer care team that works 24/7 to be able to answer any questions and concerns of customers.
  • With more than 20 years of experience and reputation in the industry, Queen Hair can ensure that all the company’s products are always in the best quality when reaching customers.

Currently, Queen Hair is the number one hair factory in Vietnam and has its own factory in the region. The company has been supplying hair for many big brands over the world and on the rise to become one of the most favorable vendors in the world.

Queen Hair’s mission and vision

Right from the early days of establishment, Queen Hair has set the mission and vision for its brand. But the company’s first priority will always be customer satisfaction.

Queen Hair’s vision

Queen Hair sets out two specific visions for the future. Queen Hair always tries its best to be able to achieve these visions from the very beginning of its establishment.

Queen Hair’s vision
  • Queen Hair sets a vision to become the number one factory in Vietnam as well as the world’s leading prestigious factory. Queen Hair has more than 20 years of experience in hair production and always strives to perfect production technologies to apply to the production process to achieve the best quality.
  • Queen Hair also sets a vision to become a prestigious and reliable factory in the hairdressing industry. During its operation, Queen Hair always shows customers the reputable hair source of the company, the unique selling point factors that the brand is proud of. Thereby creating the best shopping experience with Queen Hair.

Queen Hair’s mission

Queen Hair is always trying to keep up with her missions. With the slogan “Discover your inner queen”, the company always tries to put its customers first and values ​​the customer’s experience the most.

Queen Hair’s mission
  • Queen Hair’s most important mission is to help all women in the world find their hidden beauty and realize their uniqueness.
  • Queen Hair is a Nigerian brand with target customers of Nigerian woman. So Queen Hair strives to help all Nigerian women feel confident in themselves. The firm always wants to make sure that all women love themselves.
  • Queen Hair’s mission also has “quality first”. The firm attaches great importance to quality and considers quality to be the top factor that creates the company’s brand. Queen Hair puts a lot of effort into making the quality of her products the highest quality and best possible.

In general, over the past 20 years, Queen Hair has always tried to give customers the best experience. Not only that, Queen Hair’s products always meet 3 standards: high quality, cheap price and diverse product line. These are the three factors that make Queen Hair the most proud and always believe that the company will always strive the best to achieve the company’s mission and vision. 

If you have any questions or want to purchase high quality hair at an affordable price, please contact the Queen Hair hotline through Whatsapp (+84)844444829. Queen Hair has a customer service department that is always ready to answer any question and help you take care of the hair.



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