The curly hair routine you should follow

 If you are looking for a curly hair routine then this is the one for you. Here are the curly hair routines you should follow.


Tips after perming: curly hair routine

To keep your hair in place after curling, you should follow this curly hair routine:

Tips after perming: curly hair routine
  • Do not touch your hair: After curling, it takes 24-48 hours for the chemical to absorb and help the hair to fully fold. Moreover, the hair after doing it is still very weak and easy to break. Therefore, after curling your hair, you should not touch or stroke your hair immediately, but should keep your hair in place to help curls last longer. This is the most important part of the curly hair routine
  • Avoid shampooing: Within 3 days after curling your hair, you should not wash your hair. Because water, shampoo, conditioner will “drift” and lose the effect of the drug, the hair will straighten out, not keeping the curl that has just been curled.
Tips for curly hair routine
  • Loose hair: After doing hair, to keep the best curls, similar to the original styling created by the stylist, you should follow this curly hair routine which includes not tieing, rolling, clipping or doing anything with your hair, but let your hair down naturally. Because after curling, the hair is still drugged and in the process of being folded, any intervention in the hair will cause the hairstyle to “deform”. In case because of the nature of work and work in a hot environment, it is necessary to straighten your hair, you should use a thin silk scarf, tie your hair loosely so as not to affect the hairstyle you have permed.
  • Don’t dye your hair: Many people often make the mistake of dyeing their hair after they have finished curling their hair. This has a negative effect on the health of the hair. Under the impact of chemicals, hair becomes weak and needs time to recover. If the “double” effect of these two stages will make the hair weaker and difficult to hold, even broken, dry. Ideally, you should avoid dyeing your hair for at least 1 week after perm to avoid damage to your hair.

The curly hair routine you should follow

We will show you the right curly hair routine below. Hope this curly hair routine will help you to have silky hair.

Washing curly hair routine

Shampooing is also an important curly hair routine step in the process of maintaining beautiful and durable curled hair. You need to keep in mind a few curly hair routine notes after washing your hair so that you will have beautiful curls.

Washing curly hair routine

Choose the right products: Curly hair is often weak, dry and easily damaged, so it is advisable to choose products for your curly hair routine that repair weak and damaged hair, and at the same time help maintain curls in the long run. Should choose products of natural origin, avoid products containing parabens and sulfates (preservatives and foaming agents). Currently, on the market, there are a number of products for curly hair or chemically treated hair, so it is easy for women to choose from supermarkets, stores and pharmacies. You can find more consultations from reliable virgin hair manufacturers in China.

Do not wash your hair every day: Washing your hair too much will quickly lose the frizz and moisture of the hair and scalp, making the hair frizzy and more prone to breakage. Experts recommend that women washing curly hair routine should be only 2-3 times a week.

Curly hair routine

Regular use of conditioner: Curling hair has been chemically treated and used heat, so it makes hair weak and dry. The use of conditioner for curly hair routine will help provide moisture, making hair smoother. Note, when using conditioner, should only be used for the body and ends of the hair, should not be applied to the hair roots, making the hair quickly sticky and dirty. In addition to conditioner, you can use a hair mask once a week to make your hair more shiny. If you are worried about the frequency of using conditioner, you can find support from Queen Hair company, one of the best hair factories in Vietnam. 

Some tips for curly hair routine

These tips for curly hair routine will definitely help you achieve beautiful silky smooth curls.

Some tips for curly hair routine
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to comb for curly hair routine: Unlike normal hair, curly hair needs to use a wide-tooth comb to avoid losing curls. Note, do not brush your hair when it is still wet because it will cause more hair loss.
  • Do not brush your hair with a round comb for curly hair routine: with wavy hair, you should not use this comb because it will make your hair smooth and lose the curls.
  • Squeeze your hair every day for curly hair routine: Using your hands to gently squeeze the curls is also a way to help keep the hair more beautiful. In particular, this method will increase the effectiveness when the hair is still wet, after washing the hair, in the process of drying the hair, it should be combined with the hair massage, which will help the hair to be easier to fold.
  • Blow-drying in light mode for curly hair routine: Using a blow dryer helps dry your hair and also makes it more bouncy and manageable. To avoid heat damage to your hair, use a hair dryer on a cool setting, with a low temperature.


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