The process of 3D rendering of the special project Tricon house


For all the information you need to know about the special project Tricon house, you can refer to this article.


Introduction of basic information about Tricon house

We received information from customers who wanted to implement a 3D rendering project. With the aim of creating a dream home for a family, we took the contract and tried to schedule the completion of the project as quickly as possible, on time for the customer.


Next for our customers, we always try to give them a comfortable space. With K-Render, customers won’t have the rigid feeling of a shopper talking to a seller. We always want to become friends with our customers, giving them the best service experience. This means that we must always keep our customers happy, productive and give advice that makes them happy and free of pressure.

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Layout of Tricon house

The house will consist of 1 floor and 3 rooms:

  • Pavilion 1: living room, kitchen for the house
  • Space 2: bathroom and work space
  • Space 3: bedroom

3d rendering process of Tricon house project

In this section, we will list the important steps in the 3d rendering process of the Tricon house project.

Lighting of the Tricon house project

The first step in the rendering process of the Tricon house project is lighting.

Light is divided into two types:

  • Natural light
  • Artificial light

Natural light can be from outside light, light from nature. Artificial light is the lamp, the electric lighting tools inside the house.


Tricon house color scheme

The main colors of Tricon house are blue and black. In order for the house not to feel gloomy and faded, we – highly qualified artists and artists have created the house with luxurious furniture. It is the furniture that will make the whole house cozy, soulful and more suitable for the owner’s own style.

Modeling, choosing the right materials for the house

If the client likes luxurious interior, we have a way to make the layout of the house more delicate and give the customer a cozy feeling when living in such a house.

About K-Render Studio

You can completely refer to K-Render if you want to create a house that brings inspiration like Tricon house. We are always happy to welcome you to the home of K-Render.

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