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Hanoi Cinnamon Company is a Vietnamese enterprise that focuses on the wholesale trade of cinnamon products originating from Vietnam. Their sourcing involves direct acquisition from various local farms and producers across the country, enabling them to cater to customers both within Vietnam and worldwide.


1. History and background of Hanoi Cinnamon Company 

Founded by a team of cinnamon specialists, Hanoi Cinnamon emerged with the goal of showcasing premium Vietnamese cinnamon products on an international scale. Since its establishment, Hanoi Cinnamon Company has witnessed significant expansion, solidifying its position as a prominent entity within Vietnam’s wholesale cinnamon industry.

1.1. Brief history of Hanoi Cinnamon Company

Established in Vietnam in 1996, Hanoi Cinnamon has established a strong reputation as a distinguished enterprise engaged in the wholesale distribution of cinnamon products originating from Vietnam. In its initial stages, Hanoi Cinnamon Company concentrated on fostering robust partnerships with indigenous farmers and producers throughout the country. Through close collaboration with suppliers, the company ensured the provision of outstanding merchandise that complied with global benchmarks. Prioritizing the formation of a skilled team specializing in cinnamon expertise, logistics, and quality control was of utmost importance to Hanoi Cinnamon Company in order to deliver exceptional customer service.

History and background of Hanoi Cinnamon Company

1.2. The evolution of Hanoi Cinnamon Company through time

Over time, Hanoi Cinnamon has expanded its range of Vietnamese cinnamon offerings, incorporating a diverse array of products. The company has also ventured into exporting its goods to different regions worldwide, including Asia, Europe, and North America. In order to enhance its supply chain and streamline product delivery, Hanoi Cinnamon Company has made significant investments in modern technology and equipment.

Presently, Hanoi Cinnamon has emerged as a prominent wholesaler of cinnamon in Vietnam, boasting a dedicated workforce of over 100 employees who are committed to providing exceptional products and customer service. Its product line is exported to numerous countries across the globe, including China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, and the United States.

Despite its remarkable growth and achievements, Hanoi Cinnamon remains unwavering in its core mission of promoting top-quality Vietnamese cinnamon products. The company continues to foster close collaborations with local farmers and producers, ensuring the supply of goods that adhere to stringent international standards. Hanoi Cinnamon Company’s commitment extends to sustainable cinnamon practices and supporting local farmers through training and access to resources.

2. Exceptional Vietnamese cinnamon of Hanoi Cinnamon Company

Cinnamon, a highly popular spice globally, holds a prominent position in a wide variety of culinary delights. Hanoi Cinnamon Company specializes in offering the cassia variety of cinnamon, which is the most widely available type. This particular variety is recognized for its distinctive fragrance and is frequently used in medicinal and cosmetic applications.

The provinces of Quang Ninh, Quang Ngai, and Yen Bai play a vital role in the production of Vietnamese cinnamon, with Yen Bai serving as a central hub for initial processing. The region’s tropical climate, characterized by humidity, along with its fertile and well-drained soil, creates an optimal environment for cultivating cinnamon. As a result, it has become a major source of this valuable spice. Hanoi Cinnamon Company provides customers with a diverse range of cinnamon products, including broken cinnamon, cinnamon powder, cinnamon sticks, and broken cinnamon.

Exceptional Vietnamese cinnamon of Hanoi Cinnamon Company

3. How to order Vietnamese cinnamon from Hanoi Cinnamon Company 

To procure Vietnamese cinnamon products from Hanoi Cinnamon, follow these steps:

  • Research the products: Begin by exploring the assortment of Vietnamese cinnamon products offered by Hanoi Cinnamon Company. Gain insights about these products by visiting their website or contacting them directly for comprehensive information.
  • Contact Hanoi Cinnamon: Once you have identified the cinnamon products that interest you, reach out to Hanoi Cinnamon to inquire about product availability, pricing, and minimum order quantities. Utilize their website, email, phone, or other provided contact methods to initiate communication.
  • Place your order: If you are satisfied with the information provided by Hanoi Cinnamon Company, proceed to place your order. Furnish them with the necessary details, including the names of the desired cinnamon products, desired quantities, delivery location, and preferred payment method.
  • Arrange delivery: Once your order is confirmed, make necessary arrangements for the delivery of the products. Hanoi Cinnamon may offer their own delivery service or collaborate with third-party logistics providers. Coordinate with them to ensure a seamless and punctual delivery process.

It is essential to note that the specific ordering process may vary depending on the policies, procedures, and individual requirements of Hanoi Cinnamon Company. It is recommended to verify all relevant details directly with the company before finalizing your order.

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