K-Hair: Get to know about the top hair vendor in Asia

When the standard of people is enhanced, the demand for beauty products, especially the human hair extensions will rise. The hair business has developed significantly for decades. Not the retail sellers but the wholesale distributors are the main characters in this playground. Asia is one of the most competitive continents producing hair products. K-Hair from Vietnam is recognized as the dominant wholesale human hair extensions vendor in this area. This writing is to provide the basic knowledge about this successful hair factory.

In 1992, when the hair business was still new to the Vietnamese market, there was a man who ran a small firm in the North of Vietnam. The company gathered the hair from women living in the rural and mountainous regions of the countries and then slightly processed it. After that, the hair was exported to Thailand, China… by the human hair extensions factory to create the wholesale hair extension and wig. Six years after that, the son of this man came back from Australia after finishing his studying and inheir the business. This is Mr. Daniel- the CEO of K-Hair Vietnam. 

At that time, with the great vision and broad knowledge, Mr. Daniel decided to change the business orientation of his father. The company got a new name: K-Hair. Instead of being a mediator in the hair extensions business, the CEO built K-Hair as a hair factory with the passion of becoming the greatest human hair extensions distributor in Vietnam. Although the first step was challenging and there were multiple failures, Mr. Daniel and his employees with full enthusiasm have reached certain milestones in the domestic and international hair market. 

As the previous structure of the firm was not professional, the CEO decided to re-organized the function of K-Hair. There are four departments in the current structure of K-Hair. 

  • The first department is Supply Head: This head is in charge of the production of the company. Supply Head’s employees collect the human hair from native condors, then check and categorize it based on the quality standard. After that, the hair is processed in the factory of K-Hair located in a city near the capital by modern machinery and developing technique. The final human hair extensions will be packed and available to be transferred to the importers. This department can not be replaced as it has a major impact on the function of the K-Hair company.

  • The second department is Marketing Head: This head is a breakthrough that Mr. Daniel has made for the new company. The previous firm could not broaden their scale much as the business was based on the familiar relationships. Otherwise, the CEO created this department to support the aiming of being a global-scale factory.

  • The third department is R&D + Testing Head: This head was built to ensure the quality of K-Hair’s products. It is undeniable that the quality of products plays an important role in maintaining the reputation and business of the company. Thus, this department has regular checks on the hair quality during and after the manufacture. Besides, the machinery and technique are also ensured to be up-to-date and in a good condition by R&D + Testing Head. If there are issues raised, the staff in this department will handle them.

  • The last department is Admin & Others: All the financial documents and other legal banking of K-Hair are under control of this department. This head also supports the visa booking for international customers. Last but not least, the accountant and HR protection of K-Hair company is included in Admin & Others head. It means the recruitment, cooperations and financial status of K-Hair are managed by the staff in this department. 

  • K-Hair has a wide network of customers: After more than a decade running the business, K-Hair has firm relationships with numerous international clients. The most cooperators come from the UK, Nigeria and other countries in Africa. K-Hair exports around one and a half tons of human hair extensions to those countries every month. 

  • K-Hair has recognition on the Internet: The youtube channel of the company received Silver Button. The official website of K-Hair is regularly visited as it provides diversified contents as well as the direct ordering service. The contacts of staff are available on the website, the consumers can connect with them through the hotline to receive the finest service. 
  • K-Hair is a top hair vendor in Asia continent: Although the Chinese and Indian hair factories have great potential to get the top ranking in the Asian hair market, K-Hair is still a strong competitor. Vietnamese human hair is recognized as the most luxurious material; thus, this company commits to provide the highest-quality of human hair extensions in a sufficient quantity in comparison with the vendors in those countries.      
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