Rice companies in Vietnam: Compete to develop together

Rice companies

In this day and age, more and more rice companies in Vietnam are established and providing many different rice varieties. Their biggest mission is supplying the best products at a reasonable price. 


An overview of rice companies in Vietnam

Rice companies in Vietnam are businesses that have a rice factory or are rice distributors. Their main activities are providing rice products to customers directly or indirectly. Rice companies in Vietnam are located mainly in Mekong Delta or the Red River Delta to transport rice conveniently.

Main products of rice companies in Vietnam

Rice companies in Vietnam are specializing in supplying 4 main types of rice.

  • Specialty rice

Specialty rice – one of the famous rice that many rice companies in Vietnam are supplying includes Japonica rice, ST05, ST20, ST21, ST24, ST25, etc. Its features of grains are long, tapered, clear with characteristic aroma, length of grain is 7.5-8.5mm. The average CNF price of specialty rice is 630 – 670 USD.

  • Fragrant rice

Fragrant rice of rice companies in Vietnam includes jasmine rice, OM18 rice, DT8 rice. The rice is sweet, soft, fragrant, long-lasting, cool, not dry. The main markets consuming this rice is China and Africa. The FOB price of fragrant rice is 480-570 USD.

  • Long grain rice

Long grain rice that rice companies in Vietnam are supplying is OM5451 and IR504. Their grains are elongated, thin, slightly milky white in color. The average FOB price is 480-540 USD, exported mainly to Malaysia and the Philippines.

  • Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice is most imported by China (accounts for 70%), the Philippines, and Malaysia. The average price of glutinous rice that rice companies in Vietnam are exporting is 470-530 USD.

Factors leading to the development of rice companies in Vietnam

Rice companies in Vietnam are influenced by many elements in their production and distribution.

Rice to export
  • Rice demand

Vietnam is the second-largest rice exporting country, which means the rice demand that rice companies in Vietnam have to distribute is enormous. USDA forecasts that the Philippines will import 2.3 million tons of rice this year, Vietnam is the country the Philippines imports rice the most. Therefore, rice demand constantly increases.

  • Rice production

In 2021, Vietnam’s rice industry is forecasted to grow in supply thanks to favorable weather and many trade agreements making advantages for rice export. In addition, the complicated growth of the COVID-19 epidemic may make the demand for food consumption and food reserves from rice companies in Vietnam remain high.

  • Government support

Many FTAs signed by the Vietnam government and other countries help Vietnamese rice export production grow significantly to reach 16 million tons in the next 10 years.

Ways to work well with rice companies in Vietnam

There are several ways to help importers and exporters work well together.

  • Search reliable information to verify the rice companies in Vietnam you would like to work with such as an address, accomplishments, reputation in their country.
  • Have an appointment to get to know the exporter: online or meet face to face as long as you surely get the figure and profession of exporter you will work with.
  • Negotiate the price, methods of payment and make the contract to meet the buyer’s needs.
  • Receive the cargo and give feedback to improve the service and product of rice companies in Vietnam.

List of top 3 rice companies in Vietnam

Here are some leading Vietnamese rice suppliers having the biggest production and distribution in the market.

Bao Minh Company

Thanks to a 25-year experience in rice trading, processing, and purchasing, Bao Minh Company is supplying more than 30 lines of specialty rice and many new high-yielding rice products to all regions of the country, Bao Minh rice is one of the reliable rice companies in Vietnam.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is one of the leading rice companies in Vietnam.  K-Agriculture Factory provides diverse agricultural products like spices, coffee, and especially rice to over 80 countries. K-Agriculture has successfully supplied rice to picky markets in the world such as Africa, the US, and Japan. 


If you want to buy rice in bulk. Feel free to contact us via +84 855555694 or visit our Gab: https://gab.com/Kagriculturecompany

Ngoc Dong Company

Rice products of Ngoc Dong Food Company Limited have been exported to more than 10 countries across the world. With the target of high quality, all processes must be strictly checked to ensure quality and delivery time. Ngoc Dong Company is one of the trustworthy rice companies in Vietnam that buyers could choose.

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