4 Un-Orthodox Tips That You Learn As A Hair Blogger! 

One of the advantages of hair bloggers is that they have a deeper understanding about hair knowledge, from hair care, tips for choosing proper hair products with meticulous reviews, or suggest different fashionable hairstyles, and come up with a range of amazing ideas. However, as your professionals, there are some things they never disclose to other people. That’s why we are offering 4 un- orthodox tips that you learn as a hair blogger. Let’s check out right now for the best details! 


Apply soda on your hair 

Besides being a scrumptious drink for people to enjoy whenever they want, soda is believed as a remedy for hair. 

It is believed that while your hair is still wet, the carbonate in the soda helps wash away dangerous pollutants. It’s very impossible to remove those chemicals once the hair is dry. Soda is made up of three primary ingredients: alcohol-free water, CO2, and flavoring, which can be sugar or sugar-free.

According to hair bloggers, this formula is considered hassle- free to apply with inexpensive cost. Whenever your hair becomes dry and has brokerage signals, apply this drink on your hair and get the instant results. With the amazing use of soda, are you willing to try it out right now for the shiny and smooth hair? 

One more thing, this way needs to be applied properly as a temporary solution because it can’t replace specific hair care products during your routine! 

Massage coconut on your scalp 

Coconut oil becomes a must- hair ingredient for people’s hair care routine. It is highly recommended that you massaging coconut oil all over your scalp the day after washing your hair, gently massaging with your hands, and leaving it on for 30 minutes to an hour. 

Applying oil to dry hair instead of damp hair allows the oil to penetrate deeper. Wash off the oil with a mixture of vinegar and water (3 parts water to one part vinegar) after half an hour for truly clean hair. Once a week, follow this technique for lustrous, strong, and healthy hair.

Then, is there anywhere else to get more tips like this? Welcome to the natural hair group boards to join! You will be free to share and get all knowledge about hair there.

Apply conditioner to your hair before swimming 

Of course, swimming is one of the favorite outdoor activities for people when the summer comes around the corner. However, not everyone needs to know about how to maintain hairstyles before swimming. Swimming pools are full of hair-damaging chemicals and contaminants, which is close to negative conditions for your hair. 

Hair blogger reveals that applying  a thick layer of deep conditioner to dry hair before entering the pool if you prefer sunbathing or swimming. This is particularly beneficial for blondes. Conditioner will keep chlorine out of your hair, keeping it from becoming dull and brittle, making it more prone to breaking. 

Don’t stretch damp hair

Most women have the practice of brushing their hair when it is still wet because they believe it is easier to comb wet hair than dried hair. This assumption is incorrect because damp hair is the weakest type of hair, and using too much power on it would result in hair loss and breakage. To protect your hair when it’s wet, only use a dry towel to gently wipe it down. 

Additionally, when you tie your hair when it is still wet, your ends will split. This is something that many women do after working out or when they are in a hurry and don’t have time to dry. 

Along with the immediate use of the above- mentioned tips, it is better to avoid overusing them to avoid unexpected for your hair for a long time! 

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