5S Hair Factory: An outstanding brand name in the world

5S Hair factory is known as one of the leading hair factories in Vietnam with a history of more than 30 years. From a nameless factory which few people know, 5S Hair factory has gradually gone up to create the outstanding hair brand as it is today. In this article, we will find out why 5S Hair factory has become a famous brand in the world.

5S Hair Factory: An outstanding brand name in the world


Introduction about 5S Hair Factory

5S Hair factory is known as one of the leading hair factories in Vietnam. Before exploring why 5S Hair factory has become such a popular brand in the world market, we need to learn a little bit about the establishment and products of 5S Hair factory.

Establishment of 5S Hair factory

5S Hair Factory is known as the largest and oldest hair supplier in Vietnam with a development history of more than 30 years.

  • Address: Bac Ninh province in Vietnam
  • Founder of 5S Hair: Mr. Adam Smith
  • The idea of establishing 5S Hair factory: Recognizing the role of hair beauty for each individual today, Mr. Adam Smith has started a hair factory with the hope of bringing domestic and foreign customers the best quality hair.
  • The meaning of the 5S Hair factory brand: “5” refers to 5 continents in the world which are Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. “S” not only refers to the shape of Vietnam on the world map but also exalts the beauty of the Vietnamese woman’s body.

Products of 5S Hair factory

To become a prominent brand in the international hair market, 5S Hair factory-Best Vietnamese hair factory has always focused on producing quality and innovative hair products to satisfy customers. Products are not only made from quality hair material but are also designed in a variety of colors and designs. There are many types of hair extensions of 5S Hair factory such as Vietnamese bone straight hair products, weft, closure, frontal, wig, tip, tape, clip-in, ponytail…

Reasons to make 5S Hair factory become an outstanding brand name in the world

There are 4 main reasons that have created the reputation of the 5S Hair factory brand name: Reputable and quality hair material, the best price in the worldwide market, diverse products, and best customer experience.

5S Hair factory: Reputable and quality hair material

About the hair material of 5S Hair factory, let’s learn about the origin of the hair and the types of hair used to produce hair extensions.

  • The origin of hair: 5S Hair factory usually buys hair directly from women aged 18-35 in mountainous areas. 5S Hair factory chooses to source hair from this area because the people here enjoy favorable weather conditions, have a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of their hair effectively. The person chosen to supply hair for 5S Hair factory must also be 18-35 years old because this is the age when hair grows the strongest.
  • The types of hair: Hair extensions of 5S Hair factory are made from 100% real virgin and remy hair. Real virgin hair or virgin human hair is the most ideal hair type because it is taken from only 1 donor. Thanks to this, it has a very high uniformity in color and thickness of the hair. The quality of real remy hair is a bit worse than that of real virgin hair because it is cut directly from 2-3 people, so the uniformity of the hair length is about 70-90%.

All these above qualities make 5S Hair Vietnam become one of the main suppliers for human hair distributors wholesale in Nigeria – one of the biggest hair markets in the world.

5S Hair factory: The best price in the worldwide market

The hair business today has very fierce price competition. Thanks to having its own factory with a team of skilled employees, 5S Hair factory always brings customers the best quality products and the most reasonable prices.

5S Hair factory: Diverse products

There are 4 most popular hair extensions at 5S Hair factory: weft, tape, tip and raw hair extensions.

  • Weft hair extensions: These are hair extensions that are sewn directly into your hairline.
  • Tip hair extensions: You will use hot or cold fusion to melt the keratin layer at the hair extensions and then attach it to your real hair’s roots.
  • Tape hair extensions: You will remove the tape from the hair extensions and stick them on your real hair roots.
  • Raw hair extensions: This type of hair will be bundled by the manufacturer into bundles and then delivered to the customer for processing.

In addition to types of hair extensions, 5S Hair factory also has a variety of products in terms of design. Here is the most popular curly wavy hair collection at 5S Hair factory.

5S Hair factory: Best customer experience

5S Hair factory has a team of professional Advisors and Sales to answer all questions and meet all purchasing needs of customers 24/7. Therefore, customers of 5S Hair factory are always satisfied with the care service, which increases the consumption of hair products of 5S Hair factory.

Future vision of 5S Hair factory

As a prominent factory in the world market, 5S Hair factory promises to spread the beauty of Vietnamese women’s hair to developed countries around the world. At present, 5S Hair factory is being used by many African and European customers. Hopefully, the quality hair products of 5S Hair factory can reach customers with beauty needs everywhere in the world.


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