Vietnam pepper and things you need to know

Vietnam pepper products are now sought-after in the market since it is recognized as a stable but high-profitable product. 


Vietnam pepper products

There are 5 main Vietnam pepper varieties: black pepper, white pepper, green pepper, red pepper and ground pepper.

Black pepper

Black pepper is the most popular pepper product being traded in the market both domestically and internationally.

Black pepper is harvested when the pepper tree is still green but appears some red or yellow on the bunch ( about 5% of the ripe fruit). Black pepper still has its outer shell.

White pepper

White pepper is basically produced by removing the outer shell, then goes through a washing process.

Most of the spicy essential oil of Vietnam pepper has been removed, but they have a more spicy taste because they are overcooked. Vietnam white pepper is mainly used to create an aroma for luxurious dishes without losing the aesthetics of the dish because of the black shell.

Vietnam pepper varieties

Green pepper

Green pepper is picked by farmers when it is not fully ripe. It has a mild and moderate flavor with a pretty appearance. That’s why Vietnamese green pepper is mostly used in decorating the dishes and puts a light and a bit spicy flavor to the food.

Red pepper

This pepper is mainly produced for domestic demand. It has the same flavors and aromas as black pepper but it has a red color.
It is mainly used in medicine to treat colds, flu and bronchitis.

Ground pepper

Ground pepper is popularly used in the kitchen since it is easy to use

Wholesale prices of Vietnam pepper

The price of black pepper in Vietnam in November 2021 in Binh Phuoc, Dak Lak & Dak Nong and Gia Lai, which are the top biggest pepper producers in Vietnam,  fluctuated from 86,000 – 88,500 VND/kg.

Area The price of black pepper (VND/kg)
Binh Phuoc 88,500
Dak Lak & Dak Nong 87,000
Gia Lai & Dong Nai 86,000-87,000

With the high increase in price, the domestic price of pepper is now 62.3-66% higher, compared to the beginning of this year and an increase of 80-83% compared to the same period last year. 

K-Agriculture as the biggest Vietnam pepper exporter

K-Agriculture has 23 years of experience in trading Vietnam pepper internationally and being strongly supported by the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade and Agriculture. That’s why customers working with the company can be sure that they are given the most high-quality Vietnam pepper.

Typical products of it are organic black and white pepper.

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