White pepper : The overview and its wonderful functions

Pepper has been regarded as a common element in most dishes. If you’re already familiar with the impacts of black pepper, what about white pepper? Let’s have a look at the following information to learn more about white pepper’s uses and benefits.


The brief information about white pepper

The definition of white pepper

White pepper is known as skull pepper. White pepper is made from fully mature berries, unlike black pepper. After that, the berries are immersed in water to ferment. Finally, only the inner seed remains after the outer covering has been removed.

Types of white pepper

There are 3 types of white pepper in markets

  • Yellow-fleshed white pepper
  • White-fleshed white pepper
  • Gray-fleshed white pepper

Benefits of white pepper

White pepper is used not only as a cooking spice , but also a remedy to improve the health and treat some diseases such as:

  • Treat colds
  • Weight loss
  • Cure arthritis
  • Resist bacteria

Is white pepper and black pepper better?

Black pepper and white pepper both have their own benefits. Depending on the purpose, the buyer can choose to buy black pepper or white pepper

Harvesting and processing methods

Black pepper harvested is dried in the sun. The seeds develop, turning black with old green seeds, crimson with ripe red seeds, and yellow with ripe new seeds. White pepper is made by harvesting 15 percent of red ripe green pepper clusters, incubating in the cool to speed up the ripening process, soaking in water to soften the skin and seed flesh, and rubbing to remove the skull.

White pepper

Pharmaceutical properties:

Black pepper is used to treat coughs, sore throats, and colds. Black pepper also aids in the prevention of breast cancer, weight loss, and the treatment of colds, as well as some gastrointestinal issues. White pepper is frequently used to boost the flavor of a dish.


To black pepper, the spicy flavor will gradually permeate, and after a while, you will notice the pungent flavor. White pepper has a greater flavor and aroma than black pepper. When eating white pepper, the spicy flavor will hit you right away, even if you just lick the tip of your tongue.


In normal condition, black pepper has a more distinct scent than white pepper. In processing food, white pepper has a greater scent in food processing than black pepper. Hence, chefs often use white pepper when making dishes

White pepper

Storage time:

Black pepper can store longer than white pepper because white pepper is easy to get bitter and change color.

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