An in-depth guide to stick cinnamon and trading it in bulk

Stick cinnamon has become an attractive option for individuals and businesses who wish to trade cinnamon-related products. This article will provide the most basic information about stick cinnamon and how to wholesale this type of good. 


Stick cinnamon – Definition and characteristics

Stick cinnamon is one of a variety of products that can be collected from cinnamon trees. The inner bark will have its rough exterior removed and be dried naturally to create curls. The long curled barks are then cut into smaller pieces of equal length, known as cinnamon sticks. 

Stick cinnamon is characterized by clear standard indicators, including moisture (roughly 12%), length (from 15 to 20 centimeters), oil content (2 to 4%), and the skin must be scraped off. 

There is a large number of amazing applications for stick cinnamon, such as in cooking. Cinnamon sticks are frequently added to stews, soups, and other dishes that require a longer cooking time. They also compliment the flavor of hot chocolate and tea.

Additionally, stick cinnamon is good for people with diabetes or high blood pressure. It also acts as a remedy for stomach and intestinal problems. Many people use stick cinnamon to treat flu and headache as well. 

It is apparent that stick cinnamon has an enormous global market, and its various uses mean the demands will be relatively stable throughout the year with a significant profit margin. Hence, it is understandable that many businessmen are interested in trading stick cinnamon in bulk.

Stick cinnamon – Definition and characteristics

Major suppliers of stick cinnamon

The majority of stick cinnamon is exported by countries in Asia, whose climate and soil are ideal for cinnamon cultivation. Cassia stick cinnamon mostly comes from Indonesia, Viet Nam, and China – the three biggest suppliers of Cassia cinnamon. Meanwhile, Ceylon stick cinnamon, which is more expensive, is provided by Sri Lanka. 

The influences of external elements on stick cinnamon’s price

Traders may notice fluctuations in the price of stick cinnamon during the year, and those changes are caused by the following factors:

  • Harvesting months: Annually, there are two periods when stick cinnamon is collected and processed, that is February – March and August – September. Stick cinnamon can be bought at a lower price during these months.
  • Oil content: The more percentage of essential oil there is in a batch of stick cinnamon, the higher its price will be. 
  • Demands: In many countries, the use of stick cinnamon in cooking is prevalent. As a result, during festivals and other special occasions, consumers will ask for more stick cinnamon, causing growth in its price.

Top prestigious exporters of stick cinnamon 

Traders may find it difficult to choose a reputable stick cinnamon exporter that they can trust. This part enlists three major suppliers in Viet Nam – the second largest producer of stick cinnamon and other cinnamon products – to help you make an informed choice.

  • K-Agriculture

Based in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, K-Agriculture is a well-known pioneer in the field of wholesaling and exporting Vietnamese agricultural products, including stick cinnamon. Their professional support staff and innovative manufacturing line will certainly meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. 

K Agriculture Company
  • Vietlife: Vietlife is a large stick cinnamon exporter of Viet Nam, who strives to establish trust with their global partners by providing only the finest products. 
  • KPRO Production Joint Stock Company: KPRO is has earned an excellent reputation as a Vietnamese stick cinnamon distributor. They always value the satisfaction of their clients and the quality of their supplies.
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