Cau Dat – Da Lat, where the most delicious Arabica coffee Vietnam are made

Although Vietnam is not highly reputed for Arabica – the type of coffee which is considered as the best quality coffee bean in the world (higher estimated than Robusta). However, there is a land regarded as the heaven for Arabica located right in Vietnam mainland. This land is called Cau Dat, Lam Dong and its coffee is known as Arabica Cau Dat coffee.


History of Arabica Cau Dat

Coffee trees were first introduced to Vietnam in the late 19th and the early 20th century. There are many cultivated areas of Arabica such as Son La, Dien Bien or Dak Lak, but Lam Dong, especially the Cau Dat area has gained a high reputation in the products as Arabica coffee. 

Characteristics when plating Arabica Cau Dat

Arabica coffee has high economic value but it is difficult to grow and care for, low yield, poor resistance to pests and diseases.

It is not easy to grow any type of coffee, especially Arabica.Any kind of coffee tree must meet requirements to have high-quality products and Arabica is not the exception.

  • The height is over 600 meters above the sea. The ideal height is over 1000m
  • Temperature is about 15-24 degrees Celsius, shaded by other trees.
  • The average rainfall is about 1200-1500mm per year with the required moisture is over 70%

Process of Arabica Cau Dat

Arabica Cau Dat can be processed in 3 ways:


Dry coffee beans under the sunshine and stir them well so that the amount of sugar is converted into the beans. This method makes Arabica Cau Dat much more flavorful. 


This method is also called honey coffee. After rubbing to remove part of coffee pulp, farmers dry the Arabica in greenhouse for about 9-12 days for 

This method is suitable for areas that lack sunshine and the price of this method may have the highest price of all.


Fully-washed Arabica Cau Dat can be competitive with other countries because of its reasonable price for consumers because this method can be produced on an industrial scale. Although it has a lower price, its flavor is not as rich as two previous ways. The water that is used for washing coffee beans must be properly controlled so as not to badly impact the environment.

Process of Arabica Cau Dat

Flavor of Arabica Cau Dat

Arabica Cau Dat has a mild sour taste mixed with a slight bitter taste, the coffee color is light brown, clear of amber. The scent of Arabica is very elegant and noble. Arabica has the smell of syrup, the smell of fruit, suitably mixed with the smell of honey, and the smell of toasted bread that can serve the most demanding people in the world. Arabica coffee is the main raw material of coffee companies, the most famous coffee brands in the world.

Brief information of Arabica Cau Dat price

In November, the Arabica Cau Dat prices grew rapidly and hit the highest level in nearly a decade. Prices of the two coffee products were mixed with Arabica’s strong breakout of 5.16% to 233 cents/pound, while Robusta’s price fell 1.41% to $2,245/ton.

Specialty Arabica coffee in Cau Dat

Although Vietnam is the second largest coffee supplier in the world, Vietnam is not specialised in providing Arabica coffee, especially Arabica Cau dat, Lam Dong. But Arabica Lam Dong is highly recommended because it has a unique and memorable flavor. 

And the most interesting thing is the variety of flavors. You can feel the flavors of different fruits, especially these flavors are completely natural, not seasoned! 

Because of its high value, Arabica Cau Dat may become the most focused type of coffee to be grown to make Vietnam more popular when it comes to Arabica specialty coffee.

Specialty Arabica coffee in Cau Dat

Top 3 Arabica Cau Dat suppliers

When finding Arabica Cau Dat coffee, purchasers can consider some suppliers below:

Trung Nguyen Legend

Trung Nguyen Legend has the largest Vietnamese coffee processing factory in the Central Highlands, including two workshops for processing powdered coffee and instant coffee

With the love and passion of the number one coffee experts, Trung Nguyen Legend Group rigorously selects the best ingredients of coffee to enhance the Vietnam coffee development.

Contact information: 

WhatsApp: +84 855555694


  • Established in 1996, K-Agriculture has been on its way to bring Vietnamese coffee to all over the world, especially Arabica Cau Dat, to gain more reputation for Vietnam in the agricultural industry.
  • Contact information:

Vinacafe Bien Hoa

Being one of the leading companies that provide Arabica coffee, VinaCafe Bien Hoa also wants to promote Arabica coffee of Cau Dat,Vietnam and is a prestigious company nationally.

  • Contact information: WhatsApp: +84 855555694
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