White rice in bulk: Top 3 leading exporters in the world

Long grain

When it comes to wholesale rice, white rice in bulk is the most popular of all of the rice export varieties. To purchase white rice in bulk at the most competitive price, you should not miss the top 3 white rice exporters in the world.


White rice in bulk with outstanding varieties

White rice is the rice removed from its outer parts (the hull, bran, and germ) under a milling procedure and then have a white color. White rice in bulk is divided into three main types based on the difference in grain length, including long-grain white rice, medium-grain white rice ad short-grain white rice.

Long-grain rice
  • Long-grain white rice

The grain length of long-grain white rice is 6.5mm. The most popular rice variety is Indica rice, including basmati rice and long grain jasmine rice. The main regions for growing white rice in bulk are India, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • Medium-grain white rice

The grain length of medium-grain white rice is from 5.2mm to 6.5mm. Some of the most popular types are Arborio of Italia and Valencia of Spain are common medium-grain rice. 

  • Short-grain white rice

The grain of short-grain white rice is less than 5.2mm in length. Japonica is a well-known short-grain rice variety, concentrated in China and Vietnam.

Different varieties of white rice will have different specifications and are used in different cultures in different ways.

White rice in bulk: Top 3 leading exporters in the world 

White rice in bulk is mainly exported by India, Vietnam, and Thailand. If you are looking for reputable exporters supplying white rice in bulk, below is a list of the top 3 leading exporters you should consider. 

White rice in bulk: Vietnam Southern Food Corporation II 

Vietnam Southern Food Corporation II is one of the most reputable white rice in bulk suppliers from Vietnam. With a capacity of 4.5 million tonnes per year, Vinafood II guarantees a stable white rice supply chain and has become a reliable partner for many wholesalers from many different countries. Some major markets importing white rice in bulk of Vinafood II are mostly in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.


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White rice in bulk: K-Agriculture Factory 

K-Agriculture Factory is one of the Vietnamese biggest rice factories. The facility manufactures and supplies about 3 million tonnes of rice to more than 80 countries each year. ST, jasmine rice, japonica, OM5451, and IR504 are the popular white rice varieties of K-Agriculture Factory.


Wonnapob Company – a supplier of white rice in bulk

The Wonnapob Company from Thailand is also the first name of one of the world’s top exporters of white rice in bulk. Established in 1895, Wonnapob is a reputable and reliable partner of wholesalers around the world when supplying white rice in bulk, with the ambition of bringing the best quality Thai white rice. The main types of white rice in bulk exported by Wonnapob Company are Thai Hom Mali, special mixed rice, and jasmine rice.

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